Many moons ago I had a blog with Typepad where I would just write about random thoughts and things in my life. I stopped doing it several years ago, and many times I wonder why. I’m not really a writer, so it can be daunting sometimes to write a blog, but I kind of miss having an outlet where I can just be myself and write about whatever the hell I want to write about. So with that in mind, I’ve re-launched my “Random Thoughts & Occurrences of My Daily Life” blog on WordPress to see how this goes. Will anyone read it? No idea, but I don’t really care. This blog isn’t for the many, it’s for me. If I end up with some readers, awesome. Maybe we’ll all learn something new and interesting.

Readers, beware, however.

I have a potty mouth and I don’t care who knows. I have purple hair and it suits me just fine. I’m in my 40s (GAH!). I crochet and sew and scrapbook when I feel like it. I read a lot of trashy romance novels and I’ll probably tell you all about them. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and OCD and it’s a struggle to get through many days. I’m an over-achiever and take on way more than I can chew. I love my three kids and everyday wish I could go back in time so that I could spend more time with them when they were little. My oldest is a teenager now and starting high school next year. Something I am very much not ready for. I’m stubborn and picky and like things the way I like them. I pretend that I don’t care what people think, but deep down, I have really thin skin and get hurt easily. I binge-watch shows on Netflix and currently I’m in love with Supernatural (on Season 11 now!). I also love history, particularly British history. I love all things Kings and Queens and my favorite genre of anything is Regency Romance – books, movies, etc. I had the opportunity to visit London last year and even got to do a day trip to Edinburgh, so am obsessed with going back and seeing everything I missed.

I hate discussions about religion and politics and am very proud to be a liberal gal. I support equality for everyone and truly believe that most should just mind their own fucking business and learn to deal with and tolerate the world around them. I despise those who hurt others purposely, particularly when it comes to race and sexuality. I admit that I am not a fan of the current president and am truly horrified by the things he says and does and laugh just about every day on what is posted on social media, because it’s just so incredibly messed up. But – remember, I don’t like to discuss stuff like that. 😉 We all have our opinions and that’s just fine. I am entitled to mine, and you are entitled to yours. Now let’s be friends!

I post way too much on social media about my crafts and my kids. But that’s what I’m proud of. I am a graphic designer by day and love everything creative. I have a weird obsession with office supplies and my most favorite thing about the school year starting is buying new supplies. I love a box of brand new crayons and if they could just sit there perfect and never be used, I’d be in heaven. I love pens and markers and buy way too many of them. I have an obsession with planners and stickers and am not sure why because in general, my life is boring and routine. We do the same things every week and just about every day, so I’m not sure why I really need a planner. Not to mention that I also have an online app that I use for the family’s schedules as well as an online calendar for work. But for some reason I also need a physical calendar. I’m kind of a freak about organization.

I drink too much coffee and Coke Zero. I’m a Caribou addict, but have had to curb the daily large, as my budget doesn’t quite allow for that anymore. Instead I have a Keurig and my Caribou pods. Good enough for me. 🙂 I loathe Starbucks, but will break down and drink it if I have to. Like anywhere outside of Minnesota, since you can’t find Caribou outside of the state. Why Caribou, why? Expand already! I listen to music all the time and it’s my go-to while I’m crocheting, sewing, or working. I like rock and alt rock mostly, and Fall Out Boy are my guys. So are Green Day. But then I’ll switch gears and be all over Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. And don’t get me started on boy bands! I love that I have a little girl – that way I can listen to the boy bands and not feel too awkwardly guilty for it. One Direction – yes, please! 5 Seconds of Summer – uh, hell yeah!

I’m painfully shy. Social situations freak me out and panic attacks come on quickly. I am good one-on-one, but crowds make me want to cry. I don’t like small talk or chit-chat and I’m not good at it. I don’t typically talk first or introduce myself to people, because, duh – I’m painfully shy. If you speak first that works best for me – even if I know you. I don’t even like being around a lot of people that I know in a big group and would rather just hide in a corner. I like to be by myself a lot, but I also wish I had more friends and socialized more. Anxiety causes a lot of pain and makes me hide away.

I love to shop – clothes, shoes, art supplies, technology, artwork, crafts, yarn, paper, jewelry, makeup … oh my god the list goes on! I wish I could shop, shop, shop, all the time! The craft store right now is the worst place for me to go. There are so many yarn choices, or fabric choices, or ribbon choices, or paper crafting choices. It’s just too overwhelming, but my favorite place in the whole world! Give me unlimited money for Joann and Michaels, or any yarn store for that matter, and I’d be a happy camper. And don’t even get me started on Target.

As you can see, I have a lot of random thoughts … and a lot of rambling on about a whole lot of nothing. But I guess that’s me in a nutshell. Just your average freak living an average freaking life. And randomly spewing out my thoughts so that they don’t consume me too much. I warned you.

Until next time. ~J

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